Our Policy Statement

We’re committed to achieving Zero Harm across all our businesses; making safety personal.
Our vision for Zero Harm: At Marvinbuild we believe that our long-term success depends on the ability to keep our employees, business partners, suppliers, subcontractors, community members and the environment safe. Only setting ourselves high will enable us to maintain trust in our customers and the people who use our infrastructure. For us, Zero Harm means: No injuries, poor health or incident caused by our work activities.

Our commitment:

  • We will continue to place people, the environment and sustainability at the heart of what we do.
  • Act with a commitment to protect and improve the environment in which we operate physically and socially.
  • Work with and support our customers by providing new and efficient infrastructure.
  • Challenge the norm and encourage action across the sector to eliminate and reduce risks to everyone & safety.
  • Prevent poor health at work and protect our environment, as well as working with others.
  • Risk mitigation is at the forefront of what we do, from businessacquisition to development, planning, design and construction – further in operation and maintenance. It focuses on the business we follow, our co-workers, how we work, how we measure performance and how we promote the personal development of our employees.